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do something like the devil

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdo something like the devildo something like the devilFAST/QUICKSTRONG PERSON old-fashioned spoken to do something very fast or using a lot of force They rang the bell and ran like the devil. devil
Examples from the Corpus
do something like the devilThey rang the doorbell and ran like the devil.He holds me like the devil himself.Hencke heard one canister bounce off the outer hull with a dull echo like the Devil knocking at the door.It glared and it floated and it flew like the Devil.Not screaming, although some of them must have fought like the devil not to.The hitchhiker keeps showing up, like a bad dream, like the devil himself.They scampered off, barking like the devil.Very good, Thérèse conceded afterwards: just like the Devil would do.
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