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do something on the run

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdo something on the rundo something on the runto do something while you are on your way somewhere or doing something else I always seem to eat on the run these days. run
Examples from the Corpus
do something on the runI always seem to eat on the run these days.He threw on some clothes; now he was on the run.I'd like to hear why you're on the run.If you want innovation, try more of that, and less of halfbacks and wide receivers throwing deep on the run.John Butcher says at this moment a man on bail for rape is on the run ine the Midlands.Meanwhile Mrs thomas's other grandson James Bellamy is now on the run after escaping from police custody.Mostly, he was a man on the run, sacked six times and scrambling countless others.They were on the run, and in haste, or we should all be dead men.Two escapees, on the run, with nothing to lose.
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