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do the business

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdo the businessdo the businessBritish English informal a) to do what you are expected to do or what people want you to do Come on, then, and do the business. b) to have sex business
Examples from the Corpus
do the businessCome on you Reds and do the business for the supporters because they will be giving it everything for you!O'Connor will have that task and can do the business if on his game.Don't drink water - fish do the business in it.They like the game of golf as much as they do the business of golf.Unfortunately, despite the commercial ban, whales are not being politely left alone to do the business.Now they appear to be looking to a Second Division centre forward to do the business.Inclined to be an unpredictable live outing, the Veggies do the business with an energising blur of Neds-ish guitar fodder.If your regular antagonist has a Chaos army and favours daemons then a Daemonslayer will do the business very nicely.
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