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do the job

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdo the jobdo the jobspokenEFFECTIVE to have the effect or produce the result that you want A little more glue should do the job. job
Examples from the Corpus
do the jobNext time, I'd do the job properly.It was obvious, however, that he could not do the job while he remained in the space pod.A little more glue should do the job.It is not age in itself which is important; it is people's ability to do the job.But society should not expect those outside influences to do the job a parent should, nor should a parent expect that.She should not have mentioned Mrs Skipton, must learn to do the job, just the job and no more.You have to trust that they want to do the job well and that when you delegate something it will be done.So can we do the job tonight?The equipment that lets you do the job at home turns home life into moonlighting.
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