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do the shopping

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdo the shoppingdo the shoppingBUYto go shopping to buy food and other things you need regularly I hate doing the shopping at weekends. shopping
Examples from the Corpus
do the shoppingWe need to go grocery shopping - do you have the check book?Jane would light the fire, turn the heating on, put the horses and donkey out and do the shopping.It is good for me to get out and do the shopping.While I do the shopping, Miles sits near the checkout counter reading.I did all my shopping yesterday.But then, Harriet with her fair-haired plaits and smooth round forehead jiggling off to help Mummy do the shopping.Husbands can easily get out of touch with the cost of living unless they do the shopping regularly and see the bills.With Ivy and Ken she would take a weekly trip into Aberdeen or Banchory to do the shopping.With Chancellor at the wheel, they had left enfamille to do the shopping.She sent her husband out to do the week's shopping.Our sick ones received their injections, then off we went to do the shopping.On Saturdays we usually do the shopping and clean the house.
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