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do the trick

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdo the trickdo the trickspokenSOLVE/DEAL WITH A PROBLEM if something does the trick, it solves a problem or provides what is needed to get a good result A bit more flour should do the trick. trick
Examples from the Corpus
do the trickLuckily the second dose, a minor variant of the first, did the trick.Should you have any difficulty, a word with your Club rep will normally do the trick.A doctored ball should do the trick for both at the same time.It certainly seemed to do the trick.The second surgery on my knee seemed to do the trick.That seemed to do the trick, or at least he thought so.In Tucson, January golf tournaments do the trick.Often a little give from one side will do the trick.Something less than a precision guided missile would do the trick.
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