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do well

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdo welldo wella) DO WELLto be successful, especially in work or business He’s doing very well at college. Elizabeth’s done well for herself since she moved to London. b) BETTER/RECOVEREDif someone who has been ill is doing well, they are becoming healthy again He had the operation yesterday, and he’s doing very well. well
Examples from the Corpus
do wellThe operation was successful and the patient is doing well.Gail seemed so anxious to do well, and she worked really hard.Most of his tutors expected him to do well at Harvard.You must do well at this, that, or the other.I remember her 4-H teacher told me Molly inspired others in her class to do well because of her determination.My friend left college and went into law, and he's doing very well for himself.When the players do well, I praise them -- but there are no rewards for coming second.Blues singers do well in Ireland, as Celts have a feeling for Negro music.Parents are likely to want children to do well in life.Wall Street is not concerned about whether old people do well in retirement.Neither of the kids was doing well in school.He represented the ability to do well in the world.The producer would only say that sales of the video were 'doing very well indeed.'The presence of a star, Glenn Robinson, may be the reason it did well that year.The players we have are good enough to do well without people like him.If the firm does well, your shares will be worth far more than you paid for them.