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do your bit

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdo your bitdo your bitWORK THAT somebody DOESHELP informal to do a fair share of the work, effort etc that is needed to achieve something good or important Everyone should do their bit for the environment. bit
Examples from the Corpus
do your bitI hope that you can all do your bit.Let Africanized bees do their bit to breed better beekeepers in this country, in other words.Help is desperately needed - and rugby friends can do their bit.Stonehenge has gone, so I reckon I can do me bit of growing up at Skipton Hall.Nature did its bit as well.Eva and several of the cadets from overseas were put in the West End brigade to do their bit.Now I am not unpatriotic, and I want to do my bit in this great movement.Don't you want to do your bit towards stamping it out?We wanted to do our bit for the boys fighting in the war.I've done my bit - now it's up to you.
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