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do your own thing

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdo your own thingdo your own thinginformalFREE TO DO WHAT YOU WANT to do something in the way that you like instead of copying other people or following strict rules I just want to live my own life and do my own thing. thing
Examples from the Corpus
do your own thingHe has a couple of roommates but they kind of all do their own thing.You get on and do your own thing, and respect others who do the same.We don't talk much anymore - we're both too busy doing our own thing.I mean like royalty do, pretend to be married but do their own thing on the quiet.He's given up his job and is living in northern California, just doing his own thing.But I do know the difficulty the Major has in getting away to do his own things.She wanted to be free to do her own thing - be independent - get a job, perhaps.The three women worked together on a stage play, and then each went off to do her own thing.Do you prefer structure in your exercise or to do your own thing? 9.Keyboard, mouse and joystick are supported, but every now and then the planes seem to do their own thing!Lawrence was of the latter kind: very bright; very competent, and wanted to do his own thing.As a kid, I wanted to do my own thing, but when I got older I realized I wanted to continue the family business.I just want to live my own life, go my own way, do my own thing with whom I choose.
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