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do your/somebody’s hair/nails/make-up etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdo your/somebody’s hair/nails/make-up etcdo your/somebody’s hair/nails/make-up etcto do something that improves your appearance or someone else’s appearance It must take her ages to do her make-up in the mornings. Who does your hair? do
Examples from the Corpus
do your/somebody’s hair/nails/make-up etcI paint her face and do her hair.I said, I did, I was approached about who does your hair?It's to do with the hair.One test of our response to the change made by age is what we decide to do about grey hair.The working class adolescent of the 60s had quite a job deciding what to do with his hair.She said that the day of the wedding, she should do my hair first.Now, do you want me to do your make-up, or not?
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