Language: Old English
Origin: don


1 auxiliary verb
do1 S1 W1 past tense did past participle done third person singular does
a) XX used with another verb to form questions or negatives:
Do you like bananas?
I don't feel like going out tonight.
Ian didn't answer.
Where do you live?
Doesn't Rosie look wonderful?
Don't listen to her!
b) XX spoken used to form question tags (=short questions that you add to the end of statements):
You know Tony, don't you?
She didn't understand, did she?
2 used instead of repeating a verb that has already been used:
'Will Kay come?' 'She may do.'
So now you know as much as I do.
'You forgot all about it.' 'No, I didn't.'
'I want to go home.' 'So do I.'
I didn't believe the story and neither did he.
3 used to emphasize the main verb in a sentence:
Do be careful.
You do look nice in that hat.
I do think she's behaved badly.
'You should have warned me.' 'But I did warn you.'
He owns, or did own (=emphasizing past tense), a yacht.
4 spoken used when politely offering someone something:
Do have another sandwich.

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