Date: 1300-1400
Language: Middle Dutch
Origin: docke


1 noun
Related topics: Plants, Computers, Water
1 [countable]TTW a place in a port where ships are loaded, unloaded, or repaired [↪ dry dock]:
A crowd was waiting at the dock to greet them.
in dock
The ship is in dock for repairs.

the docks

[plural] the area of a port where there are docks:
James arrived at the docks expecting to see a luxury liner.
3 [countable] American English a jetty

the dock

SCL the part of a law court where the person who is charged with a crime stands
in the dock
Three defendants stood in the dock.

in the dock

especially British English thought to have done something dishonest, harmful, or wrong:
These chemicals remain in the dock until we have more scientific evidence.
6 [uncountable and countable]HBP a plant with thick green leaves that grows wild in Britain:

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