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doctoratedoc‧tor‧ate /ˈdɒktərət $ ˈdɑːk-/ noun [countable]  SECa university degree of the highest leveldoctorate in She received her doctorate in history in 1998.
Examples from the Corpus
doctorateShe then earned a doctorate in political sociology at City University of New York.The board approved doctorate degrees in communications and experimental psychology at North Dakota State University.For many years now, more than half the engineering doctorates awarded in the United States have gone to foreign nationals.They have doctorates in education, and pace the halls in jogging suits.It was high time she got down to serious thought about her doctorate.In 1918 Piaget also completed his doctorate in biology, and he turned to psychology.Elizabeth visited Ivy not long after the University of Leeds had given her an honorary doctorate, in May 1960.And I think I should definitely be awarded my doctorate as soon as possible.
From Longman Business Dictionarydoctoratedoc‧tor‧ate /ˈdɒktərətˈdɑːk-/ noun [countable] the highest university degreeGoodwinearned her doctorate in political science from Harvard in 1978.an honorary doctorate from Oxford University
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