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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdoctrinairedoc‧tri‧naire /ˌdɒktrəˈneə◂ $ ˌdɑːktrəˈner◂/ adjective formal  CERTAINLY/DEFINITELYcertain that your beliefs or opinions are correct and unwilling to change them The party followed an increasingly doctrinaire course.
Examples from the Corpus
doctrinaireHe didn't get on at graduate school at Harvard, finding it pretentious and doctrinaire.There is nothing doctrinaire about our approach to the matter.We do not want to be dictated to by born-again Protestants or doctrinaire Catholics.Hers was a brave demonstration against those whose doctrinaire divisions have caused so much confrontation, pain and death through the ages.What actually happened was that a less doctrinaire magistracy put local taxes up in order to provide bread for poor families.Scalia is perhaps the most doctrinaire of the court's conservative judges.The schedule seemed doctrinaire on paper, as Communist theories do, but its key in practice was flexibility.In any case they did not inherit the doctrinaire restrictions of their elders.
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