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doctrinedoc‧trine /ˈdɒktrɪn $ ˈdɑːk-/ ●○○ noun  1 PPP[countable, uncountable] a set of beliefs that form an important part of a religion or system of ideas traditional doctrines of divine power Marxist doctrine2 Doctrinedoctrinal /dɒkˈtraɪnl $ ˈdɑːktrɪnəl/ adjective
Examples from the Corpus
doctrineBut in the schools the children are taught a doctrine of hate.It is taken for doctrine, but can it be that it really is dogma?He later preached good doctrine and set the colonists to building a church.the Hindu doctrine of the immortality of the soulAs the nature of insider dealing changed, there was a corresponding need to adapt other legal doctrines to fit the abuse.Groups were continually dividing over minor points of doctrine.Even ethnically united communities are deeply divided on points of doctrine.I consider that such doctrine would be dangerous and impermissible.
DoctrineDoctrine[countable] American English a formal statement by a government about its future plans the announcement of the Truman Doctrine doctrine
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