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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdodgydodg‧y /ˈdɒdʒi $ ˈdɑː-/ ●○○ adjective British English informal  1 BROKENnot working properly or not in good condition Norton Disk Doctor can perform miracles on a dodgy hard disk. Simon was rushed to hospital after eating what must have been dodgy prawns.2 FALSEseeming to be false, dishonest, or not to be trusted One girl thought the men looked dodgy. dodgy share dealings3 UNCERTAINinvolving risk or danger There were a few dodgy moments.
Examples from the Corpus
dodgyWe'd better get started.He resolutely maintains a fixed, matey grin until you ask him something dodgy.Tom says he takes all the dodgy cases himself.Don't buy a car from him, he's a real dodgy character.Fake clothing like this used to be associated with dodgy del boy types who work out of suitcases at street markets.Some people fear that this information is too easily obtained by dodgy people.The whole thing looks distinctly dodgy to me.Henrietta's choral society concert draws a good crowd despite a dodgy venue in the backstreets of Catford.
From Longman Business Dictionarydodgydodg‧y /ˈdɒdʒiˈdɑː-/ adjective informal1likely to cause problemsIt’s always a bit dodgy, sacking a manager.2dishonest or illegalSome dealers have an inkling which shares are dodgy.dodgy land deals
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