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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdollydol‧ly /ˈdɒli $ ˈdɑːli, ˈdɒːli/ noun (plural dollies) [countable]  1 DGOa doll – used especially by children2 TTB technical a flat frame on wheels used for moving heavy objects
Examples from the Corpus
dollyShe sounds like a dolly with some flesh on her bones.A man in a sweaty shirt was having a beer while keeping an eye on a dolly of furniture outside.I used to be a disco dolly.At first, Jenny took refuge with her dollies and their little friends.These begin with the girly accessories of dollies and dollies' accessories and proceed to clothes and fashion.It's back to the dolly bird culture of the 70s, with none of the self-imposed restraint.
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