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domestic service

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domestic servicedoˌmestic ˈservice noun [uncountable] formal  BODHthe work of a servant in a large house
Examples from the Corpus
domestic serviceIn 1881 as many as one in three girls aged between fifteen and twenty had entered domestic service.Finally, on entering work of any kind except domestic service, she would find herself among mostly young women.Leapor, then, experienced domestic service not only as a servant but as a mistress.They know it when their older loved ones die sooner because of having led harsh lives in domestic service or manual labor.The experience of peasant families was repeated by sending daughters into similar social situations in domestic service and piecework.They glimpsed each other across grocery counters and in the forced intimacy of domestic service now gone out of style.Thus domestic service must be seen as a type of economic relationship operating in all levels of society.There are also places in her work where domestic service is described in very conventional terms.
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