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domesticitydo‧mes‧tic‧i‧ty /ˌdəʊmeˈstɪsəti $ ˌdoʊ-/ noun [uncountable]  DHFAMILYlife at home with your family a scene of happy domesticity
Examples from the Corpus
domesticityFeminine identity then was based on an idealized image of motherhood and domesticity.None of these writers looks at housework satisfaction; the notion of feminine domesticity is undefined and usually rather vague.It is foreign domesticity and local grandeur.In this respect, Odysseus represents the male flight from domesticity and intimacy in quest of independence.The mass production and marketing of family food expresses the dissolution of domesticity as a way of life.Making family portraits and documenting weddings, she learned that photographers occupied a special place in the iconography of domesticity.The pleasant, sincere mess of domesticity.On the one hand the aim is to describe patterns of domesticity in the present sample of housewives.
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