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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdomicileddom‧i‧ciled /ˈdɒməsaɪld $ ˈdɑː-, ˈdoʊ-/ adjective formal  1 be domiciled in2 if a company is domiciled in a place, it is officially registered there
Examples from the Corpus
domiciledHowever, there are times when the taxpayer will want to become domiciled in the United Kingdom.X and Y are domiciled, resident and ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom.Mr X is the settlor, and he is not domiciled, resident or ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom.
From Longman Business Dictionarydomicileddom‧i‧ciled /ˈdɒməsaɪldˈdɑː-, ˈdoʊ-/ adjective LAW be domiciled in if a person is domiciled in a particular country, they live there, and it is thought of as their permanent homethe requirement for all owners to reside and be domiciled in the United Kingdom
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