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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdomineeringdom‧i‧neer‧ing /ˌdɒməˈnɪərɪŋ◂ $ ˌdɑːməˈnɪr-/ adjective  CONTROLsomeone who is domineering tries to control other people without considering their feelings or ideas – used to show disapproval a domineering motherdomineer verb [intransitive]
Examples from the Corpus
domineeringHe always liked to say what was going to be done, he was very domineering.There had to be some way of putting an end to his domineering activities.He's arrogant and domineering and never listens to anyone.The lowlanders are sub-moral beings in Buid eyes, given their aggressive and domineering customs.Invoice this domineering devil for every minute of your time, Caroline!Hattie was struggling to break free from her domineering father.She is a more acceptable creature in the eyes of society than the domineering Mrs. Proudie.Suddenly, a domineering parent knows everything, also about tennis strategy.My mother has a very domineering personality.And then the great leader must have a domineering personality.Ive always liked him, and said that all he lacked was the domineering touch.
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