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domino effect

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdomino effectdomino effectEFFECT/INFLUENCEa situation in which one event or action causes several other things to happen one after the other domino
Examples from the Corpus
domino effectAs top-tier schools are forced to become less selective, there will be a domino effect.If schools were allowed to become more selective, there would be a domino effect.It would create a domino effect across the board.Opponents of the scheme claimed that if the museum moved from Golden Gate Park it would have a domino effect on the other facilities.His farm lies next to Burnfoot and he fears approval for further planting there will start a domino effect throughout the valley.It started a domino effect which exists even today.What ensued was the by now familiar domino effect of emerging market crises.Each of the organizational parts was working on its specific concerns, and no one analyzed the domino effect.The domino effect can work for us as well as against us if we play our cards right.
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