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don’t worry

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdon’t worrydon’t worryspoken a) WORRIEDused when you are trying to make someone feel less anxious Don’t worry, darling, Daddy’s here.don’t worry if Don’t worry if you can’t finish all the questions. b) NEEDused to tell someone that they do not need to do somethingdon’t worry about Don’t worry about sorting them out – I’ll do it later. c) CERTAINLY/DEFINITELYused to tell someone that you will definitely do something Don’t you worry, I’ll make sure he does his fair share. worry
Examples from the Corpus
don’t worryDon't worry about it. You can pay me back tomorrow."Don't worry about me -- I'll be fine, " said Billie.Don't worry - I'll do the laundry this time.Don't worry; I'll lend you money if you need it.Don't worry. The doctor says it's just a bad cold.Don't worry! The flight's not until 9:30. We have plenty of time."Don't worry, there's plenty of food for anyone who wants to come."
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