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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdonationdo‧na‧tion /dəʊˈneɪʃən $ doʊ-/ ●●○ noun  1 [countable]SSOGIVE something, especially money, that you give to a person or an organization in order to help themdonation to/from Would you like to make a donation (=give money) to our charity appeal? There have been generous donations from EEC funds.2 [uncountable]SSOGIVE the act of giving something, especially money, to help a person or an organizationdonation of the donation of a quarter of a million poundsblood/organ donationCOLLOCATIONSverbsmake/give a donation (=give money)He made a large donation to Cancer Research.send a donationPlease help our campaign by sending a donation to Friends of the Earth.receive a donationThe party received a £100,000 donation from a local businessman.be funded by donations (=receive the money that is needed from donations)We are a charity entirely funded by voluntary donations.adjectivesa generous donationShe made generous donations to various charities.a large/substantial donationSubstantial donations were made to the Democratic Party.a small donationEven a small donation can make a big difference to one child's life.political donations (=to help political parties or for political purposes)He was raising political donations to support the president's re-election.charitable donations (=given to help poor people, a good project etc)Food shortages prompted a flood of charitable donations.private donations (=given by individual people)Other funds are coming from private donations.public donations (=from the public)The project was financed by public donations.an anonymous donation (=from someone who does not give their name)The charity confirmed it had received an anonymous donation of £100,000.
Examples from the Corpus
donationRepublicans Abroad and Democrats Abroad have been allocated 200 tickets each - preference given to those who make a £25 donation.Darlington borough council is to be approached for a donation.Please help, by sending a donation today.We have sent a donation out of our as yet meagre little store of funds.News reports on the lawmakers' complaints brought letters, postcards and donations pouring in to the campaign group.Any donation however small, will be gratefully received.So there are a few more things you should know if you still think testing through blood donation is a good idea.Many of those attending made large donations to the party shortly before or after the event.The booklet provides information about organ donation and transplants.The Famine Appeal has raised more than a million pounds through private donations and fund-raising activities.generous donationsJean also gave her thanks for generous donations to Leslie's favourite charity, the Lord's Taverners.Other generous donations include those received form the Cripps family.Thanks largely to some generous donations from absent well-wishers, we also made more money than last year.And today we can reveal the staggering total of your generous donations so far - a record-breaking £300,000.blood/organ donationIn reality, there is a great shortage of donated organs, but organ donation is a careful, well-documented medical procedure.Will he consider a much stronger publicity campaign for organ donation?Now that transplant technology has improved so much, is it not time to change the system for organ donation?The fact is: There is a terrible shortage of organ donations.So there are a few more things you should know if you still think testing through blood donation is a good idea.Like DeWine, other lawmakers shared their personal experiences with organ donation on Tuesday.
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