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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdoor-to-doorˌdoor-to-ˈdoor adjective [only before noun]  VISITvisiting each house in a street or area, usually to sell something, collect money, or ask for votes a door-to-door salesman door to door at door1(7)
Examples from the Corpus
door-to-doorI am glad I don't have to work door-to-door.Mopping up extra 124% Liz Dolan DOOR-to-door brooms and buckets seller Betterware is cleaning up in the recession.They will be raising funds through the door-to-door collections.More than 100 households will be surveyed in the door-to-door research.Salesmen warning DOOR-TO-DOOR salesmen are posing as Fire Brigade representatives to sell potentially lethal fire extinguishers, it has been disclosed.Seniors are bombarded with advertisements, phone calls and door-to-door salespeople insisting that living trusts work best for everyone.From Harare come reports of torture centres and door-to-door searches by Zanu thugs.The church visitors were intensely embarrassed shortly after we had agreed to have door-to-door visitation for a forthcoming town mission.
From Longman Business Dictionarydoor to doorˌdoor to ˈdoor adverb1someone who works or goes door to door goes to each house in a streetIn the past, most insurance plans were sold strictly door to door by companies such as Prudential and Pearl.2goods that are delivered door to door are brought from the factory to a person’s homea unique system to deliver carpets door to door from Scotland to anywhere in Europedoor-to-doorˈdoor-to-door adjective [only before a noun]1door-to-door sales, collections etc involve going to each house in a street in order sell something, to collect information etcThey will be raising funds through door-to-door collections.door-to-door salesmen2a door-to-door service delivers goods directly from a factory to a person’s houseAlthough its home market is Europe, the company can offerdoor-to-door transport to other destinations.the closure of British Rail’sdoor-to-door parcels service
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