Language: Old English
Origin: duru 'door' and dor 'gate'


1 noun
Related topics: Household, Buildings
door1 S1 W1 [countable]
1TBBDH the large flat piece of wood, glass etc that you open and close when you go into or out of a building, room, vehicle etc, or when you open a cupboard [↪ gate]
open/close/shut the door
Could you open the door for me?
the door swung/flew/burst etc open
The door flew open and Ruth stormed in.
slam the door (=shut it loudly, usually because you are angry)
front/back/side door (=at the front, back etc of a house)
Is the back door shut?
the main door (=at the front entrance) of the cathedral
kitchen/bathroom/bedroom etc door
Don't forget to lock the garage door.
Can you answer the door (=open it after someone has knocked or pressed the bell)?
get the door American English (=open or close it for someone)
Here, let me get the door for you.
knock on/at the door
Knock on the door and see if they're home.
cupboard/fridge etc door
Mary slid back the closet door.
door handle/knob
brass door handles
2DH the space made by an open door [= doorway]
in/out (of)/through the door
Rick turned and ran out of the door.
I glanced through the open door.

at the door

if someone is at the door, they are waiting for you to open the door of a building so they can come inside:
There's somebody at the front door.

out of doors

outside [= outdoors]:
I prefer working out of doors.

show/see somebody to the door

to take someone to the main way out of a building:
My secretary will show you to the door.

two/three etc doors away/down/up

used to say how many houses or buildings there are between your house, office etc and another building
two/three etc doors away/down/up from
Patrick lived two doors away from me.

(from) door to door

a) especially British English from one place to another:
How long is the journey, door to door?
b) BBT going to each house in a street or area to sell something, collect money, or ask for votes:
Joe sold vacuum cleaners door to door for years.

be on the door

APTBO to work at the entrance to a theatre, club etc, collecting tickets

shut/close the door on something

to make something impossible:
The accident shut the door on her ballet career.

➔ at death's door

at death (7)

; ➔ behind closed doors

at closed (5)

; ➔ get in through the back door

at back door (2)

; ➔ lay something at somebody's door

at lay2 (19), next door

; ➔ open doors (for somebody)

at open2 (16), open-door policy

; ➔ open the door to something

at open2 (16)

; ➔ show somebody the door

at show1 (20)

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