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doorkeeperdoor‧keep‧er /ˈdɔːˌkiːpə $ ˈdɔːrˌkiːpər/ noun [countable]  BOPROTECTsomeone who guards the main door of a large building and lets people in and out
Examples from the Corpus
doorkeeperBut it was an authority on earth, and the idea of Peter as some doorkeeper of heaven should be resisted.The stage doorkeeper said he had already left.Let's talk to Madame Giry, the doorkeeper of Box 5.Madame Giry, the doorkeeper, knows all about it.Once, the doorkeeper popped his head out and asked if they wanted to hand in autograph books.The doorkeeper didn't have any matches either.The doorkeeper said nobody in costume had left the theatre.
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