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doorstopdoor‧stop /ˈdɔːstɒp $ ˈdɔːrstɑːp/ (also doorstopper /-ˌstɒpə $ -ˌstɑːpər/ British English) noun [countable]  1 DHHsomething you put under or against a door to keep it open2 DHHa rubber object fastened to a wall to stop a door hitting it when it opens
Examples from the Corpus
doorstopThey'd been using the encyclopedia as a doorstop.Decker power sander or Sears Craftsman heavy-duty pressure-washer, unless you want to see it end up as a doorstop.I can see why Mrs Hudson is a little upset at 137 being used as a doorstop.His paper-weight and doorstop were of ground and polished foin-stone.Nowhere was it written that Macintosh would render Lisa an expensive and rather bulky doorstop.
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