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doorwaydoor‧way /ˈdɔːweɪ $ ˈdɔːr-/ ●●○ noun [countable]  DHHthe space where a door opens into a room or buildingin the doorway There was Paolo, standing in the doorway.
Examples from the Corpus
doorwayLarge corporations are seeking a doorway to the markets of the Far East.Around them, laid out flatly, are the 12 apostles each occupying a Moorish arched doorway.Weatheralls had a shop there - mackintosh people - with a deep doorway.They are blocking the hotel doorway, demanding signatures or tokens from her, as of right.I slept in doorways, in hobo jungles, in flophouses, in open pastures.The townspeople abandoned the doorways and the sidewalks and followed the ambulance up the hill.The new pseudo-Romanesque façade maintained only the doorway.Although she was not a tall woman, she had to stoop low to get through the doorway.The early excavators of Knossos found the large Horns of Consecration lying precisely in front of this doorway.a wide doorway into the kitchenstanding in the doorwayMost faces have turned to watch the who's just come out of the shrine and is standing in the doorway.Mr jackson s standing in the doorway.When I turned round it was my father I saw standing in the doorway.Celia was standing in the doorway.He was standing in the doorway of a warehouse, with wheat spilling out around his ankles.And nobody could get out of the cupboard, because I was standing in the doorway.She was standing in the doorway and smiling uncertainly.
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