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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdopeydop‧ey (also dopy British English) /ˈdəʊpi $ ˈdoʊpi/ adjective informal  1 MDthinking or reacting slowly, as if you have taken a drug She’s still a little dopey from the anaesthetic.2 STUPID/NOT SENSIBLEslightly stupid a dopey grin
Examples from the Corpus
dopeySee, he boarded with this woman and her husband in Ambler, and the husband was kind of dopey.Danny relied on a dopey and familiar joke to produce a comic dialogue about deflating muscles.I feel really dopey, and I've had a headache all day.Beyond that, it promises to provide a weekly primer on dopey and unctuous behavior among upscale hillbillies who dress well.Although the group still stressed positivity, there was nothing here of the dopey, grinning hippie stereotype of a year before.What is it that makes politicians do such dopey things?
DopeyDop‧ey /ˈdəʊpi/  one of the seven dwarfs in the story of snow white, called Dopey because he is rather stupid
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