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dormdorm /dɔːm $ dɔːrm/ noun [countable] informal  SECa dormitory
Examples from the Corpus
dormWhen I was in the eight-bed dorm it was terribly noisy, but I just had to get used to it.He scanned the sidewalks, shut his eyes briefly, then turned and made his way back to her dorm.Yeah, I know him, he lived in my dorm.He lived in the dorm as a resident adviser.One evening she and a group of friends were having a pizza party in the dorm.He did-presentation5 in the dorms for all of the students, both gay and straight.I come out of the dorm into the hall just as McMurphy comes out of the latrine.At the school we boys were lined up military-fashion and marched to the dorm.Later on I heard him go with them to the dorm.
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