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double cream

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double creamˌdouble ˈcream noun [uncountable] British English  DFFvery thick creamsingle cream
Examples from the Corpus
double creamAll Rocombe Farm ice-cream is made with whole milk and double cream from the farm's organic-fed Jersey herd.They were making it from a tin of clams, a tin of sweetcorn, garlic and a carton of double cream.Instead of the soured cream, you could always try using some fresh extra thick cream or double cream.Cut down on all fats, particularly those from animal sources especially lard, suet, double cream and full-fat cheeses.Serves 4 1 Lightly beat the double cream until holding soft peaks.Fold in the double cream and dissolved gelatine.Whisk the double cream with the honey and whisky to form soft peaks and serve with the pudding.
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