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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdouble-edgedˌdouble-ˈedged adjective  1 a double-edged sword/weapon2 having two different parts a double-edged attack on global warming3 MEANINa double-edged remark has two possible meanings, one of which is not very nice It sounded like a double-edged comment.4 PMWwith two cutting edges a double-edged knife
Examples from the Corpus
double-edgedRepealers launched a double-edged assault on medics.Presented with the double-edged challenge Saturday night, the Los Angeles Lakers failed to manage even a split.The flattened rectangular section behind the neck contains traces of a large iron blade, possibly a double-edged dagger or short sword.a double-edged jokeDoubt is a part of this second group of double-edged realities.The competition rules must be regarded as a double-edged sword by businesses.Throughout our history, judicial review has been a double-edged sword.
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