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double figures

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double figuresˌdouble ˈfigures noun [plural]  HMNthe numbers from 10 to 99 syn double digits American Englishin double figures King’s was the only other score in double figures.approach/reach/go into etc double figures The death toll is thought to have reached double figures.
Examples from the Corpus
double figuresInflation was often in double figures.Twenty-one times in the last 21 games he has scored in double figures.Murray had gone 10 straight games without scoring in double figures, was scoreless twice and had two points on three occasions.The big three's domination is such that their nearest rivals Limerick don't even make it into double figures.The young could number anything from two to well into double figures.No other Sixer reached double figures.And you had Tiger trying to wrap up an incredible year by reaching double figures in victories.Before a morose crowd limply reaching double figures battle commenced at three o'clock.approach/reach/go into etc double figuresIt went into double figures on the first page.
From Longman Business Dictionarydouble figuresˌdouble ˈfigures noun [plural] the numbers between 10 and 99Inflation reached 9.4% in April, and is expected to top double figures before falling.
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