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double glazing

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double glazingˌdouble ˈglazing noun [uncountable] British English  DHHglass on a window or door in two separate sheets with a space between them, used to keep noise out and heat indouble-glaze verb [transitive]
Examples from the Corpus
double glazingWindow casements had been nailed shut and some were covered with clear polythene - an attempt at double glazing?In addition, a further 1,500 complaints a month are received concerning double glazing companies.A NORTH-EAST double glazing firm has been fined nearly £3,000 for breaches of work safety procedures.The bedrooms are furnished in a traditional style and have double glazing.Octagonal in shape, the framework is made from western red cedar and is available with single or double glazing throughout.Downing Street's double glazing must have proved invaluable as the camera corps set up camp and squabbled on the doorstep.The executive might turn up in trainers and the double glazing salesman in a suit.The maintenance-free uPVC panels feature screen-printed designs and sealed-unit double glazing.
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