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double vision

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Related topics: Illness & disability
double visionˌdouble ˈvision noun [uncountable]  MIa medical condition in which you see two objects instead of one all the time, for example after an accident
Examples from the Corpus
double visionHe can walk and his speech is not affected, but he suffers from poor concentration and intermittent double vision.If the two eyes are not directed at the same object, double vision results.However, children rarely complain of double vision because their brains suppress the image from the squinting eye.Dizziness with blurred or double vision.The operation left Keith profoundly disabled, he's deaf, he walks with difficulty and suffers double vision.Shakespeare's early poems sketch that double vision and later many of his heroes are plagued by it.This double vision of the woman-goddess is said to be the mainspring of Shakespeare's tragedies.Eyes Blurred vision, double vision, sensitivity to bright lights.
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