Date: 1100-1200
Language: Old French
Origin: Latin duplus, from duo 'two' + -plus 'multiplied by'


1 adjective
Related topics: Plants
doub‧le1 S1 W2 [usually before noun]

of two parts

consisting of two parts that are similar or exactly the same:
a double sink
a double wardrobe
the great double doors of the cathedral
Don't park your car on double yellow lines.

two different uses

combining or involving two things of the same type:
a double murder case
A lot of the jokes were based on double meaning.

twice as big

twice as big, twice as much, or twice as many as usual:
a double whisky
The city was enclosed by walls of double thickness.

for two people

made for two people or things to use [↪ single]:
Do you need a double bed or two singles?
a double room
a double garage

two letters/numbers

British English spoken used to say that a particular letter or number is repeated:
My name's Robbins with a double 'b'.
The number is 869 double 2 (=86922).


HBP a double flower has more than the usual number of petals

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