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doubletdoub‧let /ˈdʌblɪt/ noun [countable]  DCCSHa man’s tight jacket, worn in Europe from about 1400 to the middle 1600s
Examples from the Corpus
doubletBenjamin insisted that we shave, wash and change our linen and doublets before going down to the hall.The high velvet shoulder of his doublet smelt musty as though it had been lying in a trunk for centuries.He was a wealthy man these days, and dressed in doublet and hose with a gold chain round his neck.Thus each double helix becomes two double helices, with the two new doublets remaining joined at the centromere.You know the type, with their tight hose, protruding codpieces, puffed doublets and short cloaks.The one at lower energy is a sharp doublet with essentially no progression, just one pair of weak satellites.The doublet of the Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin are simple in form.A party of revellers in black and red velvet doublets and hose ran down the arcade, showering everyone with confetti.
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