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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdoublydoub‧ly /ˈdʌbli/ adverb  1 INCREASE IN NUMBER OR AMOUNT[+adj] much more than usual Be doubly careful when driving in fog.2 TWOin two ways or for two reasons You are doubly mistaken.
Examples from the Corpus
doublyIt would be a doubly beneficial act.Here too, the doubly forbidden relationship had its penalties.It was plain that she must work doubly hard.Obviously the magistrates were trying to take more care with the girls before them whom they saw as doubly problematic.Or would the command of the amendment finally be winked at, in which case the Constitution would be doubly trashed?This is doubly true of its patterns of industrial waste flow.To some extent, also, they were doubly unlucky in 1991.Props who can play on either head can be doubly useful on a bruising tour.
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