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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishDoveDove /dʌv/ trademark  a type of white soap used for washing the body and face
Related topics: Birds, Policies
dovedove1 /dʌv/ noun [countable]  1 HBBa kind of small white pigeon (=bird) often used as a sign of peace2 PPPsomeone in politics who prefers peace and discussion to war opp hawk
Examples from the Corpus
doveBut the cabinet doves seemed unperturbed.He dyed doves various bright colours to fly around and adorn the folly and the town.Laboratory studies of sleeping doves give similar results.I will be both the tiger in your back garden and the dove of your green jungle.Thus the doves, representing nearly half the population, were left without a candidate for President in 1968.As one of the original and most ferocious of the Cold Warriors, Nixon hardly offered an alternative to the doves.The doves called Johnson a monster.
dovedove2 /dəʊv $ doʊv/ American English  x-refa past tense of diveFrom Longman Business Dictionarydovedove /dʌv/ noun [countable] a politician or official who does not believe in using force or firm action when dealing with problems compare hawk1
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