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Dow Jones Index

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishDow Jones IndexDow Jones In‧dex /ˌdaʊ ˈdʒəʊnz ˌɪndeks $ -ˈdʒoʊnz-/ (also Dow Jones Average) noun   the Dow Jones Index
Examples from the Corpus
Dow Jones IndexOn Wall Street, the Dow Jones index closed 10 points up at 2,731.23.At the close of trade, the Dow Jones index was 1.92 points lower at 2,695.61.The Dow Jones index fell 61.94 to 3,213.55, its lowest since November.The Dow Jones index surged 47.63 points in late trading to close at 3353.76 having risen by 124 points in four sessions.The Dow Jones index, which peaked last year at 11,722, dropped below 9,500 before rallying.
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