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down-at-heelˌdown-at-ˈheel adjective  British EnglishDCCONDITION/STATE OF something unattractive and not well cared for, because of a lack of money The town today is a shabby, down-at-heel place.
Examples from the Corpus
down-at-heelBut I didn't see any sign of it at Winter Marsh - the place just looked down-at-heel.But as any New York schoolboy will tell you, Broadway is not merely half-a-mile of down-at-heel glitz.Bognor today is a shabby, down-at-heel place.Central Leipzig presented a similarly surreal mixture of eager aspirations and a down-at-heel recent past.He had single-handedly turned the Swan from a down-at-heel spit and gob saloon to a down-at-heel success.
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