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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdown-homeˈdown-home adjective [only before noun] American English 🔊 🔊 typical of the simple values and customs of people who live in the country, especially in the southern US → homely 🔊 down-home family recipes
Examples from the Corpus
down-home• In this climate, a down-home bear hug and attendant back slapping probably wouldn't go amiss.• Bubba's Grill serves authentic, down-home cooking.• It comes from her personality, which can make you feel like a down-home lemonade or a fine Chablis.• Hartley's letter is chock full of down-home metaphors that question the intelligence of your readers and our customers, the musicians.• But it was her vocal anti-meat stance that turned the country establishment's down-home snub into redneck outrage.• I fear your quaint down-home speech is wasted on me, my friend.
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