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down the line

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdown the linedown the lineinformal later, after an activity or situation has been continuing for a period of time There may be more costs further down the line. Now, three years down the line, we’re beginning to see the problems with the treatment. line
Examples from the Corpus
down the lineHe loves his back-seat role, moving quietly up and down the lines, constantly persuading and cajoling.Otherwise he'd have been down the line after us like a shot.And Caminiti dunked a two-run double down the line in right.I would, I would probably do the same thing were I you know, another generation down the line.The thing I try to do in that situation is flick my bat and start jogging down the line.As the couple passed on down the line, George quickly approached the man.Sherman wanted nothing less seven years down the line, when he was forty-five.
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