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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdown-to-earthˌdown-to-ˈearth adjective  HONESTpractical and direct in a sensible honest way Fran’s a friendly, down-to-earth person. a chef with a down-to-earth approach to cooking
Examples from the Corpus
down-to-earthShe's sophisticated, but also practical and down-to-earth.What we want is down-to-earth accountability, not lots of incomprehensible grand ideas.He thought that it was good to be down-to-earth and scientific.People are surprised by what an unpretentious, down-to-earth guy he really is.Luckily none of us are massive egotists, we're down-to-earth people, really.Eyre's down-to-earth style was well suited to the exploration of these recondite matters.Looked a sensible, down-to-earth type to me, and he might be a corrective to what we've just been hearing.I never met a more down-to-earth young woman in my life.
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