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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdowncastdown‧cast /ˈdaʊnkɑːst $ -kæst/ adjective  1 SAD/UNHAPPYsad or upset because of something bad that has happenedsee thesaurus at sad2 DOWNdowncast eyes are looking down Penelope sat silently, her eyes downcast.
Examples from the Corpus
downcastHe said nothing and kept his eyes downcast.The photograph of her sitting on her own made her look lonely and downcast.Afterwards liberal deputies expressed their relief that things had turned out as they had, while hardliners were correspondingly downcast.Hardaway seemed downcast after the Warriors' fourth loss in a row.She was sitting apart from those who had once been her friends, her eyes downcast and her cheeks blazing.Jamie seems very downcast at the moment. He misses Jenny terribly.Seeing through the pretense, my little boy let go of my coat and walked on silently with downcast eyes.With downcast faces, they ate the simple dinner I had prepared."You mustn't be downcast" he said. "You can always try again."Eyes downcast, she ate without speaking, pausing only to smile at Vi.Do not be downcast that you have been economical with the truth.
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