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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdownmarketdown‧mar‧ket1 /ˌdaʊnˈmɑːkɪt◂ $ -ɑːr-/ adjective British English  CHEAPdownmarket goods or services are cheap and not of very good quality syn downscale American English opp upmarket downmarket tabloid newspapers The company wanted to break away from its traditional, downmarket image.
Examples from the Corpus
downmarketSamsung has been trying to discard its somewhat downmarket image for some time.Everything that the east village - the downmarket part of the Voice's patch - wasn't.
downmarketdownmarket2 adverb British English  1 go/move downmarket2 take something downmarket
Examples from the Corpus
downmarketThe Opera House specialised in drama for nine years - and then went downmarket.
From Longman Business Dictionarydownmarketdown‧mar‧ket1 /ˌdaʊnˈmɑːkət◂-ɑːr-/ adjective involving goods and services that are cheap and not very good quality compared to similar goods or services SYN downscale AmEThe mail order business has never been able to break away from its traditional downmarket image.downmarketdownmarket2 adverbCOMMERCE1go/move downmarket to start buying or selling cheaper goods or services SYN downscale AmEMercedes will move further downmarket with the Smart car.2take something downmarket to change a product or a service, or people’s ideas about it, so that it is cheaper or seems cheaper and more popular SYN downscale AmEHe was accused of taking BBC Radio 3 downmarket to compete with a new commercial station.
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