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downpourdown‧pour /ˈdaʊnpɔː $ -pɔːr/ noun [countable usually singular]  DNa lot of rain that falls in a short timesee thesaurus at rain
Examples from the Corpus
downpourHe was walking home from the office in a misting rain when the heavens erupted in a downpour.At this time of the year, most of the country here was flooded, and heavy downpours punctuated the day.Waterproofness: no leaks even during heavy downpours.Water resistance: coped well with showers and persistent light rain, though some water penetrated in downpours.The rain pelted down in sudden bursts, but the downpours did not amount to much.For the past six hours the downpour had been continuous and torrential.Motorbikes scooted for cover on the street, and a moment later the downpour began.
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