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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdownrightdown‧right /ˈdaʊnraɪt/ adverb [+adj/adverb]  BADused to emphasize that something is completely bad or untrue Jed’s downright lazy. It’s downright disgusting!downright adjective [only before noun] That’s a downright lie!
Examples from the Corpus
downrightNow I was getting downright edgy.I thought my wedding was, despite its lacking the familiar trappings of tradition, downright legal.She had made trouble whenever she could, stealing her boyfriends by telling downright lies.I tried to make polite small talk with him although he seemed distinctly taciturn, if not downright moody.Other trees are downright mysterious, such as the yellow locust.That means attempts to nab the downright nasty might just nail a few well-heeled, flannel-shirted shoppers in the process.Tom can be downright nasty sometimes.But that said, the diesel costs £16,600, which is downright preposterous.Oooo ... makes me feel downright sanctified, just thinking about it!
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