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downwinddown‧wind /ˌdaʊnˈwɪnd/ adverb  DNin the direction that the wind is moving opp upwind
Examples from the Corpus
downwindProcedure All teams and kites are spread across an arena with lines extended downwind.Within another ten paces, I scared up two additional jackrabbits, both of which ran downwind and out of sight.He approached from downwind, forcing the flames to pause against the blast from his rotors.Residents downwind from the blaze were advised to evacuate.Residents who lived downwind from the explosion were evacuated.Winds blowing over lakes pick up a tremendous amount of moisture which is then precipitated downwind of the lakes.He drops me off downwind of the motel.The Cessna 150 was downwind right hand, runway 18.Short shots played downwind will run considerably further and more finesse is needed.
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